你曾經因為一字之差而鬧笑話嗎?有哪些字是你刻骨銘心的慘痛經驗?你覺得有哪些關鍵字彙讓你頓足捶胸,或茅塞頓開?當考路考的考官說pull over時,你是否會不知所措?有人邀請你參加 Potluck Party時,你會不會空手赴宴?速食店裡,店員問「for here or to go?」你是否會丈二金剛摸不著頭腦,莫名其妙?Give me a ring! 可不是用來求婚的。 Drop me a line. 更非要你排隊站好。老美說「Hi! What's up!」你可別說「I am fine!」你曾經鬧過這些笑話嗎?讓我們來看看,這些字,「你怎麼說?」

▲Potluck Party :一種聚餐方式,主人準備場地和餐具,參加的人必須帶一道菜或準備飲料,最好事先問問主人的意思。
▲Pull over!把車子開到旁邊。
▲Drop me a line!寫封信給我。
▲Give me a ring. = Call me!來個電話吧!
▲For here or to go?堂食或外賣。
▲cool; That's cool! 等於台灣年輕人常用的口語「酷!」,表示不賴嘛!用於人或事均可。
▲What's up? = What's happening? = What's new? 見面時隨口問候的話「最近在忙什麼?有什麼新鮮事嗎?一般的回答是「Nothing much!」 或「Nothing new!」
▲Cut it out! = Knock it out!= Stop it! 少來這一套!同學之間開玩笑的話。
▲Don't give me a hard time! 別跟我過不去好不好!
▲Get yourself together! 振作點行不行!
▲Do you have "the" time? 現在幾點鐘?可別誤以為人家要約你出去。
▲Hang in there. = Don't give up. = Keep trying. 再撐一下。
▲Give me a break ! 你饒了我吧!(開玩笑的話)
▲Hang on. 請稍候。
▲Blow it. = Screw up. 搞砸了。
▲What a big hassle. 真是個麻煩事。
▲What a crummy day. 多倒霉的一天。
▲Go for it. 加油
▲You bet. = Of course. 當然;看我的!
▲Wishful thinking. 一廂情願的想法。
▲Don't be so fussy! 別那麼挑剔好不好。
▲It's a long story. 唉!說來話長。
▲How have you been? = How are you doing? 你過得如何?近來可好?
▲Take things for granted. 自以為理所當然。
▲Don't put on airs. 別擺架子。
▲Wishful thinking. 一廂情願的想法。
▲Don't be so fussy! 別那麼挑剔好不好!
▲Give me a lift! = Give me a ride! 送我一程吧!
▲Have a crush on someone. 迷戀某人。
▲What's the catch? 有什麼內幕?
▲Party animal. 開Party狂的人(喜歡參加舞會的人)。
▲Pain in the neck. =Pain in the ass. 討厭的東西、人或事。
▲Skeleton in the closet. 家醜
▲Don't get on my nerve! 別把我惹毛了!
▲Afat chance. =A poor chance. 機會很小。
▲Don't put on airs! 別擺架子!
▲I am racking my brains. 我正在絞盡腦汁。
▲She's a real drag. 她真有點礙手礙腳。
▲Spacingout.=daydreaming. 做白日夢。
▲I am so fed up. 我受夠了!
▲It doesn't go with your dress. 跟你的衣服不配。
▲What's the point? = What are you trying to say? 你的重點是什麼?
▲By all means.=Definitely. 一定是。
▲ steam 蒸       poach 水煮
  boil 煮       toast 烤(麵包)
  grill 烤、煎     roast(duck) 烘烤、紅燒、(烤鴨)
  braise 油炸過用溫火燉 pure 煮成濃湯
  broil 燒、烤     season 加調味料
  panbroil 用淺鍋燒烤   seasoning 調味料
  fry 炸、炒     dressing 沙拉醬
  bake 烤       gravy 肉汁
  saute' 用溫火慢炒   appetizer 飯前菜、小菜
  stew 燉、燜、紅燒  entree 主菜
  simmer 慢燉、煨    snack 點心、小點
  stir fry 快炒、大火炒  marinate 醃、用滷汁泡,滷汁
  smoke 燻
▲Let's get a bite. = Let's go eat. 去吃點東西吧!
▲I'll buy you a lunch (a drink; a dinner). = It's on me. =My treat. 我請客
▲Let's go dutch. 各付各的
▲My stomach is upset. 我的胃不舒服
▲diarrhea [dai r'i ] 拉肚子
▲吃牛排時,waitor 會問 "How would you like it ?" 就是問「要幾分熟?」的意思,可以選擇 rare,medium 或 well-done。
▲I am under the weather. =I am not feeling well. 我不太舒服!
▲May I take a rain check? 可不可改到下次?(例如有人請你吃飯,你未能赴約,只好請他改到下一次。)
▲I am not myself today. 我今天什麼都不對勁!
▲Let's get it straight. 咱們把事情弄清楚!
▲What's the rush! 急什麼!
▲Such a fruitcake! 神經病!
▲I'll swing by later. =I'll stop by later. 待會兒,我會來轉一下。
▲I got the tip straight from the horse's mouth. 這個消息是千真萬確的(tip指消息)!
▲easy as pie = very easy = piece of cake 很容易。
▲flunk out 被當掉。
▲take french leave 不告而別。
▲I don't get the picture. =I don't understand. 我不明白。
▲You should give him a piece of your mind. 你應該向他表達你的不滿。
▲hit the road = take off = get on one's way 離開。
▲Now he is in the driver's seat =He is in control now.
▲Keep a low profile (or low key). 採取低姿態。
▲Kinky =bizarre =wacky =weird 古怪的。
▲klutz (=clutz) =idiot 白癡、笨蛋。
▲know one's way around 識途老馬。
▲lion's share 大部份。
▲tailgate 尾隨(尤其跟車跟得太近)。
▲take a back seat. 讓步。
▲take a hike =leave me alone =get lost 滾開。
▲hit the hay =go to bed 睡覺。
▲Can you give me a lift? =Can you give me a ride? 載我一程好嗎?
▲green hand 生手、沒有經驗的人。
▲moonshine = mountain dew 指私釀的烈酒(威士忌)或走私的酒。胡說八道也可用moonshine。His story is plain moonshine.
▲chill out =calm down =relax(來自黑人英語)
▲rip off =steal;I was ripped off. 我被偷了;rip off 也常被用為「剝奪」My right was ripped off. 權利被剝奪(來自黑人英語)。
▲我們稱美國大兵為G.I. (Government Issue) or GI Joe, 德國兵或德國佬為Fritzor Kraut,稱英國佬為John Bull,日本人為Jap.或Nip,猶太人為Jew都是很不禮貌的稱呼。
▲mess around (with)瞎混;Get to work. Don't mess around.趕快工作,別瞎攪和。
▲snob 勢利眼。
▲sneak in,sneak out 偷偷溜進去,溜出來。sneakers 運動鞋。
▲She is such a brown-noser. 她是個馬屁精。
▲This is in way over my head. 對我而言這實在太難了。
▲I am an exam jitter and I always get a cramp in my stomach. 我是個考試緊張大師,一考試胃就抽筋。
▲Keep your study (work) on track. 請按進度讀書(工作)。
▲Did you come up with any ideas? 有沒有想到什麼新的意見?
▲Don't get uptight !Take it easy. 別緊張,慢慢來!
▲Cheese ! It tastes like cardboard. Cheese吃起來味如嚼臘!
▲Get one's feet wet. 與中文裡的「涉足」或「下海」,寓意相同,表示初嘗某事。I am going to try dancing for the very first time. Just to get my feet wet.
▲美國總統到底是比爾‧柯林頓還是威廉‧柯林頓?吉米‧卡特和詹姆斯‧卡特是否同一人?根據語言學家William Safire的分析,美國多數政客都喜歡使用暱名代替他們原來的名字,如Bill就是 William的暱稱,Jimmy等於James等,好造成一種平易近人的形象。
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