impeccable 完美=perfect
sinister =evil
hitchhiker 搭便車的人
boobjob 隆乳
mistress 情婦
glamorous 有魅力的;迷人的

ballpark figure = an estimate in dollars and cents 大概估一下
call the shots = make the decisions 做決定
screw over =cheat or deceive 欺騙
out in left field = 不在狀況內
pinch hitter 原本指棒球的代打者,亦可為專門解決疑難雜症的人
pull rank 濫用職權
Micky Mouse univ. 野雞大學
get on with 進展 出人頭地
have a lot of baggage 有很多過去的包袱 (negative)
hit the road 上路囉!
down the road = in the future
flying high = feeling great... 很high
fender bender = a small car accident 小車禍
in ship shape = excellent condition
to be in the driver's seat = to be in control, in charge
backseat driver 愛雞雞歪歪的人,但是又不負責
cruising for a bruising 形容一個人講話機車欠打,類似 "rooting for a booting" 或是 "clammering for a hammering"
average people 常人
sack out/in/up 睡覺
cut corners 偷吃步

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