your summer    by 陳芃安 

your summer 
a summer with your dream 
the nightly meet 
gave both us an unforgettable memory  

the way you kiss 
the way you kiss my lip 
I saw you keeping 
love me  but I won't stay with me    

the day 
you shining down the sunlight 
make other people dying 
But all of you can see 
is the lucky girl who dresses just like me 
who sings like me 
and I say 
come with me 
'll give my summer 
and winter and spring and fall 
to love you 
I'll give 
though now you doesn't mean anything

(I’ll give 
I’ll give all you my everything)

another day came 
another day came suddenly 
our skin grow old 
our step grow slow 
and our love just lie on the bedroom floor 
we live in peace 
the peace in our dreams 
the peace is splendid 
‘till another summer comes to we






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